Whether you’re looking to expand your professional horizons or your personal network, our first LA Networking Mixer of 2014: Elevate to APEX, offers the perfect opportunity.

Coming up on Thursday, February 27 at the stunning Elevate Lounge in Downtown, Elevate to APEX will put a spotlight on our very own APEX Mentoring Program (AMP). AMP matches pairs based on their areas of interest and specific career overlap. Our mentors generally boast at least 5 years of professional experience in their given field, while mentees are anywhere from recent college graduates, to those looking to make a career change. Pairs meet once a month, and throughout the program, which runs from April-August 2014, professional relationships between mentors and mentees will be facilitated through AMP workshops focused on topics like goal setting, networking, career strategies, public speaking, and leadership. Meet Iva and Yao Yao, a successful AMP pair from last year’s program.


Iva and Yao Yao both worked in the Web/Marketing/Commerce sectors, and joined AMP in 2013 as mentors and mentees. Though the program has ended for them, they still keep in touch.

“I was so happy to be paired up with Yao Yao! It was a great match,” said Iva, “She’s is in Chicago for B-school and I’m in China for work and we still keep in touch.  I think that says a lot about our experience.”

And for her part, Yao Yao has gained unique insights from an industry veteran stating “I consider myself very lucky that Iva and I had a lot of common interests, things we never even listed in our original application,” said Yao Yao, “I’ve gotten a lot of perspective and insight from Iva, who’s basically the more experienced and accomplished version of me!”

Come to Elevate to APEX and find out how you can apply, and meet some more of our successful pairs from 2013’s AMP!

Author: Hy Ngo