Happy New Year!

As APEX begins its 25th year, I’ve been reflecting on the organization’s purpose – to serve as a medium to bring increased awareness about and to the Asian/Pacific Islander (API) community through its programs. This is intentionally broad as it is meant to reflect the diverse interests and backgrounds of the Asian/Pacific Islanders here in Southern California. Too often, the diversity of our community is overlooked and our voices on key issues ignored or misrepresented. Throughout the years, APEX has put together programming designed to break mainstream stereotypes about Asian/Pacific Islanders, raise awareness of pertinent API issues, and give back to the community.  In 2018, APEX will be even more committed to doing this.

This year, you’ll see us even more engaged with our community partners. We want to ensure that we help amplify the voices of our community whenever we can. In addition, we are also committed to engaging with our stakeholders, which includes YOU. We want to speak with you, get to know you, and find out how APEX can serve you better. We want APEX to be reflective of the diverse API community. Finally seeing as this is our 25th year, this will also be a time of celebration! Throughout the year, we’ll be rolling out alumni interview, stories, and other posts to reminisce about the last 25 years and celebrate APEX’s accomplishments, culminating at our 25th annual fundraising gala in the fall.

So whether you’re new to APEX, a regular, or alumni, I hope you can join us in 2018. We have an exciting year ahead and we’re very excited to meet and speak with you!

Christian Tiu
2018 President

Author: ApexMarketing