APEX has just accomplished a major milestone: 25 years of community service, Asian/Pacific Islander awareness, member engagement and professional development. We have established programs to mentor and support our youth, engaged in community development throughout Los Angeles, and brought together people of all ethnicities to learn from each other, push each other, and ask more from each other. And the world has not stood still; we have experienced a dramatic growth of the Asian population in Los Angeles, ever changing technological and social developments both positive and negative, and a cultural recognition Asians could never have dreamed of 25 years prior.

So what is next? What is in store for the next 25 years?

APEX at its core, has always been about its members. What do our members feel is important, what do they want to learn, how do they want to express their Asian heritage, and how do they want to help the community? It is through those ambitions and desires that APEX continues to create new events, find local partners to collaborate with, and grow alongside our membership. More than ever, you will see APEX reach out to communicate with YOU, collaborate alongside community partners, and use technology to be at the forefront of engagement. We want to ensure that APEX grows and evolves alongside our membership and community, to strive to be better than before, and continue to be an organization that honorably represents the Asian community in Los Angeles.

So if you are new to APEX, a regular, or an alumni, we encourage you to seek us out, engage with us, and push us to be more. The next 25 years will be a crazy ride, and we are excited to have you join us.


Author: ApexMarketing