First and foremost, I would like to give my sincere thanks and gratitude to our wonderful members and community for continuing to support APEX through all the challenges we faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our rich history of events and initiates, along with the engagement of our members have set APEX on a path of success in the post-pandemic world. I am thrilled to serve as president as we continue to build our board towards our exciting future.

With a community of 10,000 professionals, being a member of the board provides the most rewarding experience. As a well-established organization in Southern California, APEX leverages our connections and financial support to help you pursue your passions as a board member. APEX has four main areas of focus for our initiatives and events:

  • Professional Development – Helping our members continue to build their leadership, networking, and industry-specific knowledge through events such as the APEX Leadership Conference.
  • APEX Cares – Giving back to our communities, members engage in community service and fundraising initiatives such as providing hotspots to K-12 students in underserved areas during the COVID-19 pandemic and hosting the Youth Education Summit.
  • Networking – Hosting social events throughout the year where members and other professionals build new relationships and business connections.
  • Cultural Awareness – Highlighting and celebrating API contributions to society, culminating in our renowned end-of-the-year Gala.

We also have many opportunities for board members to share and cultivate their interests beyond these main areas of focus. APEX has organized unique and engaging events ranging from fashion shows to Youth Olympics. Our long-standing partnership with the LA Philharmonic provides our board members the opportunity to plan exclusive pre- and post-concert events for the APEX community. I would love to learn about what motivates you professionally and on a personal level so that APEX can help make your dreams a reality.

Author: ApexMarketing