This collaborative event between APEX and NAAAP-LA is for those looking to learn the basics to networking effectively with John E. Kobara. Kobara has been conducting workshops for leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and students of life for more than 25 years. His overall focus has been to facilitate conversations that advance the development of more authentic and meaningful personal and professional portfolios of work and passion. Creating the context to awaken or re-awaken potential and possibilities. Developing a greater self-awareness of who we are and what we want outside of the expectations of others. Then the ability to develop genuine relationships through networking and mentoring become essential competencies for a successful career and life. Making Networking a Lifestyle de-mystifies popular notions of relationships and networking from techniques into vital lifelong habits that energize a purposeful and altruistic life.

Making Networking a Lifestyle is an interactive workshop that guides the participants through an introduction to career and life planning with a focus on developing and strengthening mutually beneficial relationships.

The workshop helps people at all levels and backgrounds advance their skills to meet and engage others, especially people from diverse backgrounds. The workshop employs several exercises to engage the participants in a collaborative learning process where they will practice what they are hearing and share experiences to deepen the learning.

About the location:
Ethos Society is a coworking space where dreamers share, gather, associate, engage, evolve, focus, make commitments, accomplish their dreams, and become doers.
3435 Wilshire Boulevard, 14th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90010

There is parking available for the building which is accessible off Mariposa Avenue. The parking rate is a flat fee of $4 after 6pm. From there, guests should take the parking elevator up to level ‘P’. From the lobby, take the building elevators up to floor ’14’. Street parking is also available.

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