Join us on May 14th and 19th for our “Step Up Your Career Dine & Learn Workshops: Soft Skills and Public Speaking” with certified strengths coach and TEDx speaker Scott Asai and interview consultant and senior developer Abhi Jain. Both will talk about EQ and communication; two skills that impact your ability to succeed at work and in your own personal life. Developing these skills are essential to improving your overall wellness. On May 14th, Scott will teach you how to find your voice and communicate more effectively, interact and manage difficult personalities and use stereotypes to your advantage.

The following Tuesday, on May 19th, Abhi will show you how to use public speaking to help you get the job or promotion you need, effectively get your message across and differentiate you from other employees. These workshops will give you insights from each professional’s experiences as well as give you time to ask your burning questions. Take advantage of these workshops and tune in so you can get an edge in the current job market and keep growing personally and professionally!

Please register via our Google form and ask any questions you may have for the speakers in the “Questions?” section so we can make sure your question is addressed and send you the Zoom meeting password and link to join our webinar. Hope to see you all there!