NABCI is a campaign organized by a group of influencers, connectors and activists concern about the unique issues that Asian women face related to breast cancer.


Officially becoming an APEX program in 2018, the National Asian Breast Cancer Initiative (NABCI) is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to address the unique cultural, linguistic and biological challenges that Asian women face rela to breast cancer. NABCI is a pilot project currently spearheaded by the Privy Groupe (, fiscally man by APEX, and endorsed by the Asian and Pacific Islander National Cancer Survivors Network, which is part of the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (

A number of Asian-American social media influencers have also agreed to become Asian Breast Cancer Advocates and formally take part in our initiative. Together, NABCI’s Advocates could potentially reach at least one million followers through their social media channels. So of these advocates include: Ainy Gu, Anchor/Reporter for Phoenix Satellite Television Anna Park, Editor-in-Chief of Audrey Magazine Arika Sato, Youtube Personality Crystal Lee, Miss California 2013 and Miss America 2013 Runner-Up Danielle Lo, Model and Blogger Grace Su, Actress and Blogger Jeannie Mai, Television Personality Jemie Sae Koo, VP and Executive Producer of Mighty Fresh Jen and Diana Wang, Co-Founders of